Our unique, natural, organic wine list

In order to maintain our ethos and beliefs we have created a worldwide wine list of amazing natural and extraordinary organic wines showcasing interesting grapes, boutique growers and makers of this fine art

What is a natural wine?

To qualify to be a natural wine you need to be, hand harvested using natural yeast in the process, no fining, no filtering, no added sulphites and a very low sugar residual sugar count.

We have soured some of the best wines the world has to offer in this category and can’t wait to add similar ethos wines from Thailand when they emerge in the near future.

What is an organic wine?

“wine made with grapes farmed organically” this deals only with the first phase (grape growing). There are numerous potential inputs which can be made during the second phase of production in order to ferment and preserve the wine. The most universal wine preservative is sulphur dioxide.

White wine


Itata-Chile 2250 thb

2015 Grand Itata Blanco, Rogue Vine

Riesling, Moscatel grapes

Cement ages-vegan


Mendoza, Argentina 2850 thb

2015 Chardonnay Gualtallary , Revolver

Chardonnay grapes

Cement aged–vegan


Veneto, Italy 3450 thb

2015 Telos Binco, Tenuta Sant’Antonio

Garanega Chardonnay grapes

Steel aged–vegan



Martinborough New Zealand 2995 thb

2016 Naturalist, Cambridge road

Sauvignon, Pinot Gris grapes

Oak aged-vegan

Red wine


Carmenere Pura Fe, Antiyal 2250 thb

Maipe valley, Chile.

Carmenere grape

Oak aged–vegan


2017 Dosset, principiano 3450 thb

Piedmonte, Italy

Dolcetto grapes

Cement aged-vegan


Nero D’Avola, Caruso & Minini 3500 thb


Nero D’vola grape

Oak aged–vegan

Orange Wine


2017 Maturana Torrontel, Puente Austral  2400 thb+

Central valley, Chile

Torrontel grapes

Cement aged–vegan