James & Khun  May  have worked in harmony for over 15 years creating an interesting balance of work and home life by dropping of the cooperate wheel to further explore sustainability  and farming

Khun Wanwipha Noble (MAY )  is the farming mastermind and grows items that can normally can only be  found around the world here in Thailand

She is determined to reduce the carbon footprint-price and perception that import is better, whilst maximizing quality,  flavor and diversity now available on the gourmet farm

As a show case to her hard work James the “farang farmer” is opening his second restaurant and its aptly named Waiting for May as he is always daily changing the menu for the picnic concept and this “waits for May” and her team to bring in the bounty from the fields.

Waiting for May is a personal homage to my wife and her relentless hard work to grow the best we can with permaculture and footprint very close to both our hearts   says James but also a nod to season change in the kitchen when May brings the start of the rainy season and the kitchen re invents the food for the green season and the farming community can breathe out a little knowing rains here or on its way.

K James is very proud regards his new concept and says its the only deli picnic restaurant in Asia where you can buy from the counters all farm made items form salamis to bread- cheese , salads and dressings-combine them with recipes and techniques from the ever shrinking world and eat them  as a picnic at the table in the restaurant  or take them to one of our 100 sola powered salas and enjoy the remarkable San Sai views.

The idea for the restaurant came when James was reading fable to his youngest daughter Nancy Noble “ the butcher the baker the candlestick maker” and decide that the farm and mother nature can give all within the farms boundaries  and developed “the farmer –butcher baker picnic maker concept –something for everyone.

The Nobles who are less technically driven than most  have however developed a really interesting direction to their picnicking  plan – “each basket has GPS so we cans see where you are eating and deliver ice and where others are in case you need a private area for that blissful moment or just time to reflect and take in the fauna and flora that is San sai

This is years in the making and “waiting for may” has final arrived and open to the public in December 2020 a vision has been realized

ORI9IN the gourmet farm  is 40 minutes from the airport and 30 minutes from chiang mai town