About Our Farm Restaurant

home ..conscientious cuisine

We are open Friday & Saturday evenings 7pm till 10 pm by booking only

And Sunday brunch menu will be published every Saturday night and is 10 am till 3pm

What is conscientious cuisine ?

Items that we have grown ourselves or sourced organically from local farmers.

Products that are hand harvested and hand sown, where famers are getting a fair trade price for their product.

Cuisine ingredients that are foraged and found from natural sources and menu items that have long been forgotten

Zero imported products, all grown within a 30 km radius from people we know and trust

home…..7 days a week

Come stay with us in our homestay on the farm

Only 1000thb a night including a breakfast cooked by James noble

Join us on the farm at 7 am for 1 hour of toil or indeed @ 6pm for sundowners and watering

Collect your own eggs  and join our table at 9 am for breakfast

Yoga arranged, electric bikes free of charge, spa and massage catered for.

Join us @ home and help us put the “F” in chef

Email your reservation or call

081 266 7800