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Menu Name


(Vg) Farm meze: green pea guacamole –Smoked babaganoush– sunflower seed hummus-sour dough.-420 Baht

Pulled BBQ pork- crab egg fresh spring rolls-380Baht

(V) Our tomato bruschetta: basil curd-340Baht

PNP bay pickled mackerel: beetroot- dill- maroom-360Baht

Garlic roasted razor clams: navajas al ajillo- 380Baht

Salad/soup (V) Our Simple garden salad: curds- mulberry dressing -320Baht

(Vg) BF Under- over salad-320Baht


48 hour Sweet – sour pork: rice frittata- greens, farm kimchee- 800Baht

chicken: lentils- edamame pudina-pompadoms- 720Baht

(Vg) Puttanesca tagliatelle: rocket- 480Baht

Pan-fried sea bass saltimbocca: beets- sage polenta-bacon -rocket- 750Baht


Our fruit plate -250Baht

Mulberry crumble: pumpkin cinnamon custard-300Baht

Chocolate – beetroot mousse: whipped cream -350Baht

Coconut  shortbread cheesecake- longon syrup-320Baht

Baked fig– cheese- Bread -320 Baht

We have children of our own, if you would like to order something for your children we are happy to accommodate , ask the team what’s available today or order a half size portion of the above for half the price .