Please allow me to take a moment  to introduce myself and our farming company “ vision 9”

Our company was forged with the professional, the chef and any foodie in mind, by growing on demand the best and the most unusual or indeed forgotten vegetables that Thailand has to offer.

Hailing from a 2 Michelin background and having worked in some of the top locations in the world ,myself and my wife Khun May have created a unique operation to help assist you in creating the best menu with the lowest carbon footprint and taking time consuming processes away

With an ever changing market and with a fickle demand from our guest and indeed friends, let us assist you in being a front runner on ingredients in the hospitality industry

Q.Why choose us to help you ?

A. We can grow specialist items for you alone and remove them from our product list to other restaurants keeping you the sole user of a particular product

A. We can grow items within 3 months so you can plan your seasonal menus

A. We are based in Thailand so your contribution to the sustainable world and the low carbon movement is fantastic;“cooking with Karma” is the way forward

A. Locally sourced, grown and harvested items have a great impact on your food cost, your stock control and your inventory levels, impacting on cash flow .

A. Marketing your own land and tunnels with your company logo increases awareness, with updated media pictures from us on your product and being able to prove provenance with a certificate from Pak nam Pran

A.We can communicate in 4 different languages and delivery can be made weekly to Bangkok from the fertile suburbs within 12 hours

A. Monthly invoices can be arranged with a 30 Day credit term and full Tax receipts

Product examples


Black tomatoes,White carrots,Yellow Courgette, Purple new potatoes, black carrots, Pardon peppers, Spanish aubergine, multi color beetroots

Land seaweed, Watermelon radishes, Red basil, Pak wan, Pearl white oysters mushrooms, Red spring onions, Salsify, Schwan peppercorns


Figs, mulberries, wild cherries, lemons, limes, Japanese melon


Flowering lemon basil,Aubergine flowers, fresh frangipani flower. Sunflower petals, 4 color butterfly pea , cucumber flowers, coriander flower, dill flowers, garlic flowers


Thai coriander, Sorrel, Sage, Rosemary,Lemon mint,Spearmint, Wild garlic leaf, lavender, lemon thyme

Rent a space and grow your own, with help?

We can grow for you vegetables on demand. We set a three month trial period and then will grow production for you on a sole contracted basis

You can rent our tunnels or tables, we supply the seed and labor for your product, the product is included in the price with delivery of your product, give your restaurant proven provenance.

Delivered once a week

1 year rent 12 meters x 6 meters 25,000 THb a month, needed in advance for one year

1 year rent hydroponic table 3 meters x 2 meter 10,000 THB per month in advance for one year.  28 day growing cycle minimum 100 slots depending on product

We specialize in Pickling, Preserving and Confit , if you need a certain item we can advise if its suitable for pickling or indeed the preserving or the confit process

We carry as standard stock in 120g jars , pickled chilies, peppercorn shallots , dill cucumbers, pickled peanuts , pickled white radish , wasabi beetroot , preserved limes, pickled grapes ,multi flavored vinegar’s, comfit garlic, Pickled dill beets

Together we can grow for the future and preserve it