Our mission statement

The Boutique Farmers are committed to land stewardship based on sustainable organic agriculture and to the distribution of high quality organic products to the domestic and professional market using local manpower and no fuel run machinery

We produce food and products through our biodynamic farm, whose techniques reflect our commitment to protecting and improving the health of the local area and its inhabitants. Through the development of economic, educational, and cultural relationships, we strive to raise the social and ecological awareness of individuals regarding the production of their food.

Khun May and I relinquished our commercially driven jobs to embark on a project that was dear to hearts and our young family ethos.

We opened our restaurant to show people there is another way there is options on how we eat and farm, there isn’t a need for a high carbon footprint when we can be eating locally, sustainable products cooked well

Our farm has been growing boutique items for the industry for over 5 years  and it was always our intention to develop this with a farm restaurant focusing on organic, sustainable items that create an ever changing weekly menu

By joining us for dinner on Friday’s or Saturday’s you get to sample our weekly offerings made into a unique al carte menu or indeed an 6 course experience journey.

Our products combined with imagination creates interesting dishes that showcase the items served to you in a worldly fashion


We at the boutique farmers want to take out the “FOO-FOO” in food, and put the D back, to enjoy unpretentious food with totally proven provenance and an organic focus.

The boutique farmers have created cooperatives in our community and help develop livestock farmers and fisherman that contribute in a sustainable manner to our menu

We know where our entire product comes from, we know all our farmers, contributors and team members by name and their personal circumstances this is very important to our restaurant.

The items we have to buy we buy organically, free range and fair-trade, its important for us to know the journey of the item and it’s up to us to do a justice to it before we present it to you .

On a Sunday “white brunch “ please feel free to tour our gardens and farm , we also have a range of local artisan products for sale along with daily fresh items from our farm and our persevered and pickled range.

We also can discuss renting space that’s fully serviced to enable you to grow your own products and secure your own proven provenance.

We look forward to seeing you on the farm and hope we get the opportunity to cook for you.

Together let’s put the “F” back in chef …farming

P.S: We only accept cash