How highs the water mumma ?

Rain, a farmers friend or our worst enemy ?
As we enter the rainy season we wonder how wet it will be ?
How strong the winds will be and how much rain will fall ?
God life’s conversations have changes and i have morphed in to my dad
During my farming years and diversifying from conventional the “two crops a year” to weekly growing short life flowers i have never looked up so much and checked websites on the matter of rain
Now not to sound to much of a moaner and groan-er I want to look at global warming and season change
This topic doesn’t just affect the humble farmer but the world wide economy and all industries and no one seems to be to worried about how much revenue is being lost and lives affected and good times gone
Imagine saving all year to go away on holiday in dry season to be met by a wall of rain when last minute holidays at budget prices ,due in the rain turn out to be the hottest ever !
But still travel agencies and carriers don’t see it
As an aggrieved farmer we grow to certain seasons and plant accordingly only to have crops ruined , seeds washed away and unhappy customers braying for blood as they cant get the garnish they need to complete the dish

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